EURUS II 24ft Industrial Ceiling Fans

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This model is high efficiency and economy, energy saving and environmental protection, it has received good feedback from our customers. EURUS II ceiling fans are widely used in industrial place with PMSM motor, we KALE FANS focus on HVLS big ceiling fans, if there any more information you needs, please contact us for any inquiries.

  • Model(Size): HVLS-D6BAA73 (24ft)(7.3m)
  • Air Volume: 13050m³/min
  • Max Speed: 55RPM
  • Power: 1.5KW
  • FOB Price: 2000$ (1 Unit)
  • Delivery Time: 3 Days
  • Certificate: CE, SAA, UL
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    KALE EURUS II Series big ceiling fans are primarily applied in large space such as the plant, logistics & warehouse, station hall, exhibition hall, gymnasium, supermarket and farm, etc. It is the first choice for the ventilation and cool people.
    Wider adjustable speed range
    Reduce the intermittent feeling caused by blowing from far distance
    More effective ( improve 30% than similar products)
    Upgraded control system , more humanized operation
    More beautiful and elegant appearance……
    New blade fixed technology, security level is higher
    New design of the fan blades
    The best fan blade width, ensure the energy conversion
    The latest fastening connection mode and the overall performance is more outstanding

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