AEOLUS Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fan

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8 Blades 7.3m Large Volume HVLS Ceiling Fans

AEOLUS is a huge ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters! Only 1.5KW or less power can drive a large amount of air, produce a large area of natural breeze system, play the dual function of ventilation and cooling. It is suitable for the integrated motor and reducer of the HVLS industry with advanced technology.

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Product description

KALE AEOLUS series of industrial energy-saving fans adopt a motor-reducer integrated machine adapted to the HVLS industry (German imported brand), eight fan blades with large torque, safety factor of all variable load components> 5. The design and material selection of static load parts are also designed and machined according to the standard of ultra-long life. The products are durable and are loved by the world's top 500 customers.

Installation distance requirements

* Building structure: H-shaped steel, I-beam, steel concrete square beam, spherical column and other building structures.

* The total height of the building is required to be greater than 3.5m.

* The minimum safety distance between the fan blade and the obstacle is 0.2m.

* Input power: 380V/220V can be used.

Control System

The control system has passed the Swiss SGS authoritative EMC certification, CCC certification and anti-leakage test, effectively shielding electromagnetic interference. The protection grade is IP55, and it has passed UL, EMC, LVD, RoHs certification.

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Safety Technology

With 10 safety protection structures, the experiment simulates various severe and extreme conditions that may occur during user use to ensure safe operation and trouble-free operation. With perfect safety technology, Kale has established a superb health operation record and user reputation.

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Main Parameters

Item 7.3m 6.1m 4.9m
Model D8BAA73 D8BAA61 D8BAA49
Max Air Volume 13345m³/min 12400m³/min 11500m³/min
Max Speed 45RPM 55RPM 70RPM
Fan weight 130kg 113kg 87kg
Power 1.5kW 1.5kW 1.1kW
Full-Load Current 3.5A/380V

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