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Luxury Electric Cooling Fan Energy Saving 6.5FT 8FT 10FT Big HVLS Ceiling Fans

There are three models of aircool ceiling fans, including 6.5ft, 8ft, 10ft. This is a luxury model with electric power, it could provide high air volume with energy saving for gymnasium, coffee bar, office and restaurant. Aircool series is our most classic big ceiling fan, very energy-saving and environmentally friendly and reliable. Five fan blades could produce huge air volume, easy to install and operate.

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KALE Aircool series is unique choice for commercial and large spaces. KALE Aircool ceiling fan is an eco-friendly and cost-effective options if you are using them for commercial purposes. Compared with traditional fans, KALE AIRCOOL ceiling fans are very energy efficient and environmentally friendly, the coverage area of one set fan can be over 250㎡. This model is widely used in commercial place, like office, coffee shop, restaurant fitness center and resort. Full air volume, full space ventilation, comfortable and healthy.

Here are Aircool ceiling fans advantages:
1.Six Magnesium Alloy Blades
2.Available Size:6.5ft(2m), 8ft(2.5m), 10ft(3m)
3.Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
4.Inverter/VFD controller
5.Energy Saving & Highly Efficient
6.Available Color: White, Silver and Black

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Pmsm motor

A permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is a cross between an induction motor and a brushless DC motor with a higher power density than an induction motor. Due to their advantages, permanent synchronous motors are a very popular solution in electrical drives.KALE aircool ceiling fan uses permanent magnet synchronous motors.

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Control system

Aircool ceiling fans control system is independently developed by KALE FANS. The control panel is very smart and easy to operate. As we can see,when we start the fan just by turning the button slightly, and we can also control the wind speed through the button on the switch. This control system is high performance to ensure that the fan can run smoothly for a long time with low noise.

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Main parameters

Size 10ft (3.0m) 8ft (2.5m) 6.5ft (2.0m)
Max Air Volume 5100m³/min 4200m³/min 3900m³/min
Max Speed 110RPM 130RPM 150RPM
Fan Body Weight 44KG 41KG 38KG
Power 0.2KW 0.15KW 0.13KW
Input Voltage 220V/1P 220V/1P 220V/1P
Noise Level 43dB (A) 43dB (A) 44dB (A)

Installation condition

We have an experienced engineering team on electricity, machanism and architecture who will provide the most reasonable installation plan for different structures according to stress analysis, and can install fans for qualified structures.
We all know that installation is a very vital process, so during it, strict norms & installation standards and our profession must eliminate all your doubts.

1、Customized installation plan;
2、Well-equipped with life truck;
3、Rich experience to debug the level, height and balance;
4、Dynamic balance test,make sure to run steadily;
5、Fasteners with torque standard, achieve the best fastening;
6、Brief & scientific installation process.

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