AIRCOOL Popular HVLS Large Ceiling Fan

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Low Cost High Performance Aircool Large HVLS Ceiling Fan

Aircool series is a new type of HVLS fan developed by Kale Fans based on PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology; it is tailor-made for public places and commercial spaces, suitable for bars, restaurants, gyms, hotel halls, etc. . Aircool is healthy, comfortable, environmentally friendly, quiet and energy-saving.

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Aircool Series Fans is an energy saving fan with PMSM motor, diameter ranging from 6ft to 10ft while the speed very low from 110RPM to 150RPM, which can most efficiently produce a large amount of air volume, coverage is up to 300 sq meter.
Compared with traditional small fans and air conditioners, Kale Fans has incomparable advantages: free maintenance, silent , fantastic look, energy-saving, environment-friendly, large area cover, comfortable feeling etc.
Aircool Series Fans is mainly used in small and medium commercial spaces like gym, fitness club, restaurant, hotel lobby, office, library etc.

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Pmsm motor

Kale Aircool PMSM motor, adopt genetic optimization algorithm to play the material performance to the limit, using simulation technology to design the best solution to meet the temperature rise demand;Optimize the transmission efficiency and structural design, reduce the stress level, and the joint of the connecting structure is designed with multiple safety protection measures to ensure the safety of the PMSM motor for a long time.PMSM motor adopts vacuum immersion process to guarantee the insulation of immersion paint. The error is only ±10μm in order to ensure the overall performance, dynamic balance and durability of the rotor disc, etc.

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Control system

The control system is excellent, adopts high technology to make the aircool ceiling fan start smoothly and when it’s running, the noise is very low. In addition, the control system could make the ceiling fan have a long life. Digital potentiometer, knob switch, electrolytic capacitor, make it is easy to operation. Easy operation, save money, effort and time!

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Fan blade

The product blade adopts the wavy streamline shape design, We invited European and American designers to participate in international styling design. In addition, fan blades can be matched with a variety of colors to meet customer requirements in different environments.

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Main parameters



Air volume

Max speed

Fan weight


Full load current

Noise level

























Installation condition

We have an experienced engineering team on elctricity, machanism and architecture who will provide the most reasonable installation plan for different structures according to stress analysis, and can install fans for qualified structures.
We all know that intallation is a very vital process, so during it, strict norms & installation standards and our profession must eliminate all your doubts.

1、Customized installation plan;
2、Well-equipped with life truck;
3、Rich experience to debug the level, height and balance;
4、Dynamic balance test,make sure to run steadily;
5、Fasteners with torque standard, achieve the best fastening;
6、Brief & scientific installation process.

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