Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan

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Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan


Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan is easy-to-install design makes it good for factories, warehouses, and workshops. The Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan is great for use in commercial spaces such as gyms, fitness centers and convention centers. Get the Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan and experience the best cooling solution for your industrial or commercial space. Order yours today and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment.


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Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan  is the latest high-volume fan developed by Kale Fans; the installation method can be ceiling, wall-mounted, with a total height of 2 meters, and can be oriented according to the onsite requirements. The fan blades are driven by PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motors to output large and stable air volume ; In the sweltering and irritating environment of the hot summer, Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan can bring the cooling effect equivalent to more than 20 small fans; the overall steel frame design of the fan is sturdy and durable, and can be applied to most complicated environment places.

Sports Industry Fitness center, gym
Entertainment Large amusement park, zoos & arboretums, children’s playground
Traffic Hub Airport, high-speed rail station, bus station, metro station, wharf
Commercial Places Exhibition center, car showroom, large terminal market, supermarket


Super air volume

Ultra-long air supply distance, the effective distance of wind speed exceeds 36m, which can cover most of the length of the basketball court;

Directional air supply

There are two installation methods: ceiling and wall mounting, which can supply air according to the requirements of the onsite environment;               

Energy saving

The total power of the fan is 0.55kW, the energy consumption is very low, and the energy consumption cost for a whole day of operation is only a few dollars; 

Quiet and low noise

The noise is very low, the noise level is 43dBA,when the fan is running,the conversation sound near the fan will not be affected;                                                   

Stepless speed regulation

PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor drives the fan blades, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, the fan can be controlled freely, and the operation is simple and convenient;

Water and dust proof

The protection grade is IP55,the whole fan is waterproof, and it can be operated normally in rainy and humid environments; it is easy to clean.

The Benefits of Using Airfree Fan

Efficient and Effective Cooling: the Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan provides efficient and effective cooling to large industrial spaces.

Cost-Effective: Investing in an Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan is a cost-effective way to cool large facilities compared to expensive HVAC systems.

Improved Air Circulation: The fan helps to circulate air, reducing humidity levels and preventing stagnant air pockets in the facility.

Increased Comfort: With improved air circulation and cooling, employees are more comfortable and productive, which can lead to increased efficiency and output.

Main Parameters



Air volume

Max speed

Fan weight


Full load current

Noise level

Protection level











 PMSM motor of Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan, adopt simulation technology to design the best solution to meet the temperature rise demand; Optimize the transmission efficiency and structural design, reduce the stress level, and the joint of the connecting structure is designed with multiple safety protection measures to ensure the safety of the PMSM motor for a long time. PMSM motor adopts vacuum immersion process to guarantee the insulation of immersion paint. The error is only ±10μm in order to ensure the overall performance, dynamic balance and durability of the rotor disc, etc.


Control system

Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan adopt high performance vector and high frequency carrier technology to make the fan start smoothly and run noiseless. Long life devices escort: digital potentiometer, knob switch, electrolytic capacitor and other simple operation, easy to use: save energy, effort and time! 


Fan Blade

Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan blade adopts the wavy streamline shape design, the European and American designers participate in the international shape design, the fan can use a variety of color collocation to meet the needs of different customer environment.



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