Diamond Electric Low Noise Large HVLS Ceiling Fan

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Diamond Electric Low Noise Large HVLS Ceiling Fan 

The Diamond HVLS ceiling fan is not only practical but also a stylish addition to any space. Its design is inspired by the seamed edge shape of a diamond, which is reflected in the graded shape from octagon to circle, completing a seamless transition from fan blade to bottom circle. The central dissolving edge design adds a touch of luxury to the fan, while the tail end’s graceful curve gives it a tough shape with a dynamic look. At the bottom, the fan features the design of an aircraft engine turbine, enhancing the beauty of its movement.

The Diamond HVLS ceiling fan exudes a sense of modernity, scientific precision, and safety. It is not just practical but also a stunning beauty that will catch anyone’s eye who enters the room. It’s a true work of art that combines form and function in the most elegant way possible, making it an excellent addition to any space.

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KALE Diamond Series ceiling fan is a super large energy-saving fan, it can very efficiently push a large amount of air to move up to 3730m3/min, with the speed ranging from 80RPM to 120RPM. In an open space, it can cover an area of more than 400 square meter with only 0.4KW power or less.

Compared with traditional small fans and air conditioners, Diamond Series KALE FANS has incomparable advantages like: fantastic appearance, energy-saving, environment-friendly, large area coverage, comfortable feeling, etc.

Diamond Series KALE FANS is mainly used in commercial spaces like gyms, stadiums, fitness clubs, restaurants etc.

The overall design comes from years of extensive research and produces the best natural breeze experience. Wind speed is soft while covering a large area. In practical applications, people can feel a drop of 5 to 8 degrees in temperature. The fan's power consumption is only 0.4KW. The product is elegant, durable and maintenance-free and at the same time providing excellent ventilation and cooling.


Diamond big hvls ceiling fan is widely used in fitness center, gymnasium, large amusement park, airport, metro station, and exhibition center.

Pmsm motor

Diamond series fan permanent magnet synchronous motor is dynamic, highly efficient, long-life, low noise, and wide rang of speeds, especially the feature of power output of unit volume can make the fan be used to those places with strict requirements of size&weight. These excellent features make our fans have a wide range of applications, such as in industrial control field, auto industry and aerospace.

Diamond Series Ceiling Fan (2)

Control system

1. Schneider electrical sets, with safety protection module inside which will interrupt the output automatically in case of some accidents.

2. Japan branded YASKAWA VFD Intelligent Control Module

Diamond Series Ceiling Fan (3)

Main Parameters

Size 14ft (4.2m) 12ft (3.6m) 10ft (3.0m) 8ft (2.4m)
Max Air Volume 7550m³/min 6560m³/min 5530m³/min 4550m³/min
Max Speed 80RPM 90RPM 100RPM 120RPM
Fan Body Weight 41KG 38KG 35KG 31KG
Power 0.4KW 0.4KW 0.3KW 0.15KW
Input Voltage 220V/1P 220V/1P 220V/1P 220V/1P
Noise Level 39dB (A) 39dB (A) 40dB (A) 41dB (A)
Suggested Installation Height 5.5->7.0m 4.8->5.5m 4.0->4.8m 3.5->4.0m

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