Eurus II 16ft Silent Hvls Industrial Cooling Fan

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Eurus II 16ft Silent Hvls Industrial Cooling Fan

Kale EURUS II series is the main product of Kale with 5 blades equipped with traditional deceleration motor. EURUS II series is an industrial energy-saving fan manufactured by applying the principles of aerodynamics and advanced technology. It can drive a large amount of air (14100m³/min) with only 1.5kW power to generate a large area of natural breeze system, which has the dual functions of environmental ventilation and personnel cooling. It can be called the best choice for ventilation and cooling in tall spaces!

  • Model(Size): HVLS-D6BAA49 (16ft)(4.9m)
  • Air Volume: 11300m³/min
  • Max Speed: 75RPM
  • Power: 1.5KW
  • Delivery Time: 3 Days
  • Certificate: CE, SAA, UL
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     Wider adjustable speed range

     Reduce the intermittent feeling caused by blowing from far distance

     More effective(improve 30% than similar products)

     New blade fixed technology, security level is higher

     3D natural breeze

     A super big coverage area


    EURUS II Series industrial cooling fans are primarily applied in large space such as the plant, logistics and warehouse, station hall, exhibition hall, gymnasium, supermarket and farm, etc.. it is the first choice for the ventilation and cool people.