What is HVLS FAN?

KALE high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fan is a type of mechanical fan greater than 7 feet (2.1 m) in diameter. KALE HVLS fans are generally ceiling fans although some are pole mounted. HVLS fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed– hence the name "high volume, low speed."

Typical applications for HVLS fans fall into two classifications—industrial and commercial. In industrial applications, HVACR is often cost prohibitive or impractical, and is usually only used for refrigerated warehouses or the manufacture of refrigerated or frozen foods. Fans installed in spaces like warehouses, barns, hangars and distribution centers can prevent heat stress, increase worker comfort and the productivity of both workers and livestock.

KALE HVLS fans are also used in commercial spaces, where air conditioning is more common, but increased air movement from ceiling fans can cost-effectively augment occupant comfort or prevent stratification. Typical commercial applications include shopping malls, churches, office buildings, airport terminal buildings, fitness centers and schools.



HVLS fans work on the principle that cool moving air breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer surrounding the body and accelerates evaporation to produce a cooling effect. Ceiling fans produce a column of air as they turn. This column of air moves down and out along the floor. Called a horizontal floor jet, this deep wall of horizontal moving air is relative to the diameter of a fan, and to a lesser degree, the speed of a fan. Once the floor jet reaches its potential, it migrates outward until it meets a side wall or other vertical surface.

Under ideal conditions, an 8 feet (2.4 m) diameter fan produces a floor jet of air approximately 36 inches (910 mm) deep. A 24 feet (7.3 m) diameter fan produces a floor jet 108 inches (2,700 mm) deep, tall enough to engulf a human standing on the floor or a cow, its initial development purpose.

Commercial HVLS fans differ from residential ceiling fans with regard to diameter, rotational speed, and performance. While some fans use contemporary blades to move air, other methods are being used to make it more efficient such as using airfoils.

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Which Ceiling Fans Better

Large-scale industrial ceiling fans should not only pay attention to price. In fact, the structure, area, height, environmental protection and energy saving of the factory are the most important factors in choosing large-scale industrial fans. Whether to use them with air conditioners and roof fans also needs to be considered.

For example, the main purpose of using large industrial fans in factories is to ventilate and cool down. Therefore, attention must be paid to selecting products that are faster, product components have good rust resistance, and control system air tightness. For spaces with high requirements for continuous running time, the original imported integrated motor should be used, or even large industrial fans with gearboxes should be eliminated, and the speed should be controlled within a certain range, and the hand feel is soft. At present, the domestic industry has good stability, and there are few large-scale industrial fans with well-known brands. Some people imitate each other. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing and don't be confused by the manufacturer's propaganda.

Price is usually the second most important factor that customers must consider when buying large industrial fans, but this can be a big misunderstanding. Low prices do not mean spending smaller costs. Just imagine, if you need to repair a large, cheap industrial fan in a short time, the actual cost may be higher than that of a well-known manufacturer. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the large-scale industrial fans selected are easy to maintain in the later period and reliable service can be obtained during the warranty period.

For large industrial ceiling fans, you can choose KALE FANS. KALE's industrial energy-saving fan adopts a specially developed and debugged motor imported from Germany. It has eight blades with large torque, and the safety factor of all variable load components>5. The design and material selection of static load components are also based on ultra-long life.