Hvls Large Industrial Portable Fan

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Kale Large Industrial Portable Fan

Airmove series is the latest hand-push mobile floor fan with large air volume developed by Kale; the total height of the fan is 2m, and the four casters can move freely indoors and outdoors. The fan blades are driven by PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motors with large output. 


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Hvls Large Industrial Portable Fan

airmove 6

Production Description

Airmove series portable fan is widely used in commercial place, most of our clients purchase it for football field, gymnasium and warehouse.

Airmove has two models, one is SHVLS-Y6BAA20, and another is SHVLS-Y6BAA16, please check our 1.6m HVLS portable fan as below: 1.6M portable fan to provide continuously ventilation, to circulate air and provide cooling.Safety and environment friendly, the main feature is waterproof, you can use it outdoors, or in humid and rainy weather.

Model Size Air volume Max speed Fan weight Power Full load current Noise level Protection level
SHVLS-Y6BAA16 1881X1744X722mm 723m³/min 360RPM 152kg 0.36KW 2.0Amps/221V <43.1dB IP55

Production Application

Hvls Large Industrial Portable Fan are widely used in large spaces such as factory workshop warehouse, logistic center, shopping mall or metro stations.

 large portable fan

Production Advantage

  1. Large air volume   :
    Ultra-long air supply distance, the effective distance of wind speed exceeds 36m,
    which can cover most of the length of the basketball court;
  2. Move freely :
    Designed with 4 casters, it can be moved freely to any place where wind is needed
    indoors or outdoors;
  3. Quiet and low noise :                                                                                                                                                               The noise is very low, the noise level is 43dBA, when the fan is running, the conversation sound near the fan will not be   affected.

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