Kale Energy Saving Large Industrial Portable Fan

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Kale Energy Saving Large Industrial Portable Fan

KALE Brand Commercial and Industrial Use HVLS  1.6M Industrial Portable Fan, it Could Provide Large Air Volume With Low Speed and it’s Easy to Maintenance, Economical and Practical. Designed with 4 casters, it can be moved freely to any place where wind is needed indoors or outdoors.


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Airmove Series Kale Fans is an energy saving big portable fan with PMSM motor, diameter 2m, which can provide ultra-long air blowing, the effective distance is more than 18m.

Airmove Series Kale large portable fan designed with 4 wheels, the fan is able to move everywhere easily. With only 0.4KW power, very low energy consumption. Airmove work with low noise only 43dB. You can use VFD stepless speed control to easily operate it.