4 Reasons Why You Need HVLS Commercial Ceiling Fan for Your Space?

Commercial HVLS ceiling fans are very suitable for large spaces, not only for customers who pursue good ventilation and cooling, but also for the safety of building roofs and beautiful space, which can help enterprises save investment costs. Large commercial fans are widely used in gymnasiums, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, gyms, bars, stations, churches and other public places, it has the advantages of large coverage, safe use, energy saving, and low cost.

Why do large public places and spaces need commercial large fans? Here are four reasons:

1. Increase the circulation of air to create a comfortable and healthy environment

Crowded public places need fresh air and a comfortable temperature. Commercial HVLS ceiling fans can help cool down and dehumidify the space, let fresh air in, help improve air circulation, reduce harmful gases, protect employees’ health, and help improve employee motivation and productivity. Unlike traditional ceiling fans, HVLS fans rely on large fan blades and low speeds to move air quietly and efficiently throughout a facility, important for ventilation in commercial spaces.

2. Large coverage area, economical and energy-saving

Large HVLS commercial ceiling fans can drive airflow flow through the rotation of giant fan blades, and generate continuous three-dimensional circulation of natural wind. All-round air circulation can cover every corner of commercial places, saving energy, environmental protection, and the economy. For example, in the space of 9,000 square meters, to achieve full coverage of the air volume, about 300 traditional fans are needed, and there are only 5 large commercial ceiling fans. Calculated in the past 4 years, the traditional fan needs nearly 1080000kw for 10 hours a day, while the power consumption of the commercial large ceiling fan is 60000kw, and the energy saving rate exceeds 95%, helping enterprises save electricity costs.

Aircool HVLS Commercial Ceiling Fan

3. Long service life and low maintenance cost

The service life of large commercial ceiling fans and industrial ceiling fans is generally 10-15 years, and the maintenance cost is very low.

4. Wide range of applications, suitable for ventilation and cooling in all industries

It is no exaggeration to say that as long as there are production and operation places, industrial and commercial large fans will be required, so large fans must be used for ventilation and cooling in various industries.

Indoor air quality and temperature in large spaces are important factors that influence everything.

Kale fans HVLS fans provide comprehensive solutions to improve indoor air quality and temperature and ultimately optimize facility efficiency, comfort and savings.

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Post time: Aug-17-2022