A week of training at KALE FANS factory

From October 25, 2021 to October 29, 2021, we had a one-week training at KALE FANS factory.

Kale fans focus on HVLS large industrial and commercial ceiling fans for 11 years.

Kale fans is the best manufacturer of HVLS large fans in China and we have cooperated with more than 10,000 brands in China.

After five days of training, our staff learned a lot about the industry of HVLS Ceiling Fans.

From the basic knowledge of ceiling fans, advantages of HVLS ceiling Fan, fan installation and a series of training, our employees have mastered the product characteristics and installation scheme.

This is just a small step, and we will have more training and teaching in the future to enable employees to serve our customers better and faster.

We hope that our employees can apply what they have learned to bring the advantages of our HVLS fans to customers in more countries and serve the world. KALE FANS create the best HVLS FANS, providing you with high quality ventilation and cooling solutions.

Fan Installation

Post time: Nov-02-2021