Advantages of KALE HVLS Fans

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Advantages of large industrial fans

Kale fans can cool down in summer and ventilate and save energy in winter   

During the hot summer, KALE FANS speed up the air flow through the fan blades, making the indoor air circulation run alternately, thus reducing the indoor ambient temperature by 5-6℃, bringing people a cool and comfortable breeze.  During the cold winter, KALE FANS combine with the operation of air conditioning to gently blow the warm air gathered at the top of the ceiling to the ground, allowing the warm air to act on people and objects on the ground, thus reducing heat loss and effectively reducing operating costs.  

More energy-saving and environmentally friendly  

With low speed, high air volume and an optimized design of lightweight aluminum blades, KALE FANS HVLS industrial FANS can achieve ventilation and cooling functions more efficiently and economically.  KALE FANS take advantage of the working principle of air, through the operation of HVLS FANS, the warm air collected at the top of the ceiling slowly blows to the ground, so that the warm air acts on the ground people and objects, thereby reducing the heat demand load, which not only saves energy costs, but also reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and is more economical and environmentally friendly.  

High quality, long service life

KALE FANS has been focusing on HVLS FANS for 11 years, leading the development of the industry.  HVLS industrial fans are made of the highest quality aeronautical aluminum materials using the most advanced and sophisticated technology to ensure a long service life.  German imported controller, high quality motor and auxiliary components ensure reliable quality, simple operation, flexible control. 

Low speed, ultra silent

The low-speed HVLS industrial fan runs very quietly. Normally, only 10rpm is required to drive warm air circulation in winter. If the temperature drops in summer, you can choose a speed of 10-95 rpm according to your needs. Even when running at full speed, the noise is only 55dBA, which is very quiet.


HVLS is an acronym for High Volume & Low Speed, which means High air Volume and Low Speed.  This kind of HVLS industrial fan is especially suitable for industry, logistics, shopping malls, gyms, farms and other places.  

HVLS fans work on the principle that cool moving air breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer surrounding the body and accelerates evaporation to produce a cooling effect. Ceiling fans produce a column of air as they turn. This column of air moves down and out along the floor. Called a horizontal floor jet, this deep wall of horizontal moving air is relative to the diameter of a fan, and to a lesser degree, the speed of a fan. Once the floor jet reaches its potential, it migrates outward until it meets a side wall or other vertical surface.

HVLS industrial fans are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They can effectively ventilate and cool down, reduce industrial and commercial costs, effectively protect the environment, and increase environmental comfort.

Post time: Nov-17-2021