Airmove Series Large Portable Fan

KALE FANS Energy Saving HVLS Portable Fan

Airmove series is the latest hand-push mobile fan with large air volume developed by Kale; the total height of the fan is 2m, and the four casters can move freely indoors and outdoors. The fan blades are driven by PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motors with large output. Airmove can bring the cooling effect equivalent to more than 20 sets of small fans.The fan is light and durable as a whole, and can be applied to most places with more complicated environments.


Sports Industry:Fitness center, gym

Entertainment: Large amusement park, zoos & arboretums, children’s playground

Traffic Hub: Airport, high-speed rail station, bus station, metro station, wharf

Commercial Places Exhibition center, car showroom, large terminal market, supermarket

 large portable fan

Advantages of Airmove Portable Fan 

Move freely

Designed with 4 casters, it can be moved freely to any place where wind is needed indoors or outdoors

Energy saving

The total power of the fan is 0.55kW, the energyconsumption is very low, and the energy consumption cost for a whole day of operation is only a few dollars;

Quiet and low noise

The noise is very low, the noise level is 43dBA, when the fan is running, the conversation sound near the fan will not be affected;

Stepless speed regulation

PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor drives the fan blades, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, the fan can be controlled freely, the operation is simple and convenient;

Water and dust proof

with IP55 protection grade and overall waterproof performance, the fan can be operated normally in rainy and humid environment; it is easy to clean and while cleaning, do not need to disassemble the frame and directly rinse with water tap;

Modular installation

The overall fan is a modular design, and each module can be installed by the user. If it needs to be transported to other locations, only need to unpack each module, and install it as a whole after arrive at the destination.

Post time: Dec-12-2022