Analysis of the prospect and future development trend of HVLS fans

Abstract: HVLS fan is a kind of large fan, which is mainly used in workshops, warehousing and logistics and various public places, and its development prospects are relatively broad. With the process of economic development and industrialization, there is a considerable stock of industrial fans and market increments. In the future, with the increase of applicable space facilities and the continuous improvement of penetration rate, the market potential of hvls fans is relatively large, and its development mainly presents interconnection. And two major trends of intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection. Let’s take a look at the prospect of hvls fans.

I. What is the prospect of HVLS fans?

As a large-scale fan used in the industrial and commercial fields, hvls fans have been in existence for more than 20 years. Its effect has been certified by many enterprises, scientific research institutions and demonstration scenarios, and it has a wide range of applicability. So what is the development prospect of hvls fans?

China’s hvls fan market started later than developed countries or regions such as the United States and Europe. The penetration rate of various fields is low, and it is generally in a stage of rapid development. The main reason is that with the process of my country’s economic development and industrialization, workshops, warehouses, logistics and various The scale of investment in fixed assets such as public places is huge, forming a considerable stock and incremental market. Based on the previous customer accumulation and market word-of-mouth publicity, hvls fans are more and more recognized by customers and the market, and more and more applications in many fields.

In the future, with the increase of applicable space facilities and the continuous improvement of penetration rate, the market development potential of domestic hvls fans is great.

II. Analysis of the development trend of HVLS fans

With the expansion of the hvls fan market and the development of technology, the development of hvls fans in the future will mainly show two major trends:

1. Interconnection and intelligence

Based on the maturity of technology applications such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the interconnection and intelligence of hvls fans have become an important trend. Hvls fans can rely on communication technology, sensing technology and display technology to realize functions such as self-diagnosis, self-protection, self-speed regulation and remote control to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers. For example, the interconnection of all hvls fans in a certain area is realized through the Internet of things, and the number of hvls fans in the area is fed back, turned on and adjusted according to actual needs; intelligent sensing technology is used to monitor indoor ventilation and temperature, etc.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

Energy saving and environmental protection are not only the actual needs of the hvls fan industry, but also the future development direction. The energy saving and environmental protection performance of hvls fans is mainly through the application of new technology and new materials to achieve the requirements of large air volume and light weight, and develop in the direction of energy saving and environmental protection with low energy consumption, less maintenance and low noise.

III. Factors affecting the development of HVLS fans

1. The market lacks relevant standards

The domestic hvls fan industry has a relatively short development time, and a unified national standard has not yet been established, which may have an adverse impact on the development of the industry. First, the industry lacks authoritative standards and norms that can be used as a basis, which may lead to unclear understanding of the future market in the development of the industry, which may affect the healthy development of the industry; Raw materials and other measures that may sacrifice product quality and safety in order to reduce costs and participate in competition have led to a certain disordered competition in the industry.

2. The scale of industry enterprises is small

China’s hvls fan industry is developing rapidly, but it has the characteristics of a large number of enterprises and a generally small scale. On the one hand, it is easy to lead to repeated construction of the industry and serious product homogeneity, which may lead to price wars in the industry and reduce the profit space of enterprises; On the one hand, it is easy to lead to the low level of advanced production technology and equipment, weak technology development and innovation capabilities, and weak market development capabilities and management levels.

Key players in the HVLS Fan market are mainly focused on manufacturing innovation to improve efficiency and longevity. 

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Post time: Jun-09-2022