Welcome to Visit KALE FANS New Technology Industrial Park

Since the official foundation laying of the Kale Environmental Technology( Shanghai) Industrial Park in October 2020, construction has started for nearly 10 months. In the early stage of the project, due to the particularity of the terrain and the surrounding environment, the project team encountered many challenges. After many communication and coordination with the engineering project department, various difficulties were finally overcome and the project was carried out smoothly.

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Kale Science and Technology Industrial Park is located in 08-02, Unit SJC10031, Xinqiao Town Industrial Zone, Songjiang, Shanghai, integrating R&D, production and operation into one. The overall building area is about 15,000 square meters, and the total construction area is about 35,000 square meters.

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The overall design of the Kale Science and Technology Industrial Park is modern and simple. The main body of the project is composed of six buildings, including five factories and an independent staff apartment, which can accommodate 3000 employees to work and live here. The supporting facilities inside the building are all available. The underground parking garage can accommodate hundreds of vehicles; the canteen can accommodate hundreds of people for dining at the same time; there are also basketball courts, gyms, indoor activity rooms and other entertainment and fitness venues for employees to exercise and leisure; the employee apartments are also equipped with private gardens and water-view balconies . Large tracts of shady lawns, neat shrub communities, regular private courtyards, and secluded entrance waterscapes allow every employee to feel the freshness and comfort of nature after work.

 Kale Technology Industrial Zone adopts new wall materials to enhance thermal insulation performance and reduce building energy consumption. At the same time, Kale energy-saving fans and photovoltaic power stations will be installed to save energy in both directions.

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The completion and use of the Kale Science and Technology Industrial Park will provide a broader development space for the company, provide a beautiful working and living environment for Kale employees, and contribute to the construction of a green and harmonious society.

Post time: Sep-16-2021