Do you know KALE FANS?

KALE FANS——Ventilation and Cooling Experts Around You

Are you having trouble cooling and ventilation of  your workshop, garage, school, warehouse, assembly line, or other industrial environment?  
Do you need to extract polluted air from the environment to provide a comfortable environment for employees and workplaces?  
KALE’s industrial fan is a good solution to speed up the flow of air, creating high-speed airflow that speeds air circulation throughout the environment to cool and remove harmful air.  

If you are looking for ventilation and cooling solutions for restaurants, factories, schools, warehouses, stadiums, etc., then you need to look at the industrial and commercial ceiling fans produced by kale fans. This HVLS ceiling fan can be used not only in summer, but also in normal operation in winter, providing a comfortable and suitable temperature for your working and living environment.

KALE FANS have the following characteristics:

1. They are easy to install, operate and have a variety of sizes to choose from 8ft to 24ft, which is an excellent solution to create a more comfortable environment.
2. Economical and environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, it can save you a lot on your electric bill.
3. Dehumidification, effective ventilation, natural breeze.
4. High volume, low speed, super quiet, long life.


Different fans can be installed according to the actual situation of the user to solve the ventilation and cooling conditions in different situations. KALE FANS is taken from the traditional Chinese culture, freely controlling the wind of nature, providing a comfortable and cool environment for the hot and humid environment. Kale fans has learned the advanced experience of foreign HVLS fans, combined with its own research and development and innovation, and has now enjoyed a high reputation in the world. 

At present, most of the HVLS ceiling fans in the world are made in China. Many users recognize the value of KALE FANS after using our FANS, which is why we set up a subsidiary abroad. High quality and good feedback from users are the driving force for our continuous development.  KALE FANS still maintain the original heart, and continue to provide ventilation and cooling solutions for global users, if you have any needs, please contact us, we have been waiting for you!  

Post time: Nov-25-2021