Effect Of Wind Pressure On Industrial Large Fans

Many users will have some understanding of large industrial fans when purchasing them, such as the importance of wind pressure to fans.

The shape, area, height, and speed of the fan blades will all affect the wind pressure, and then affect the fan's wind speed and air volume and other performance indicators.

So do you know what wind pressure is? The wind pressure is due to the building blocks, so that the surrounding air is blocked, the dynamic pressure drops, and the static pressure rises. The increase and decrease of this static pressure is called wind pressure compared with the distance of the local eddy current pressure drop generated by the side and back and the airflow disturbance.

As mentioned above, the wind pressure is mainly related to the shape, area, height and rotation speed of the fan. The faster the speed, the greater the pressure of the industrial large fan. The wind pressure of a large fan directly affects the air supply distance of the fan. The fan outlet to the bottom of the radiator seems to be only a few centimeters, but due to the complex and dense fins, getting the airflow to effectively cover the radiator is not as simple as imagined. Although the design process of the radiator will try to avoid excessive wind resistance, but in order to ensure sufficient heat dissipation area, the requirement of wind pressure is unavoidable. The impact of shape on wind pressure is also obvious. Good manufacturers usually set the blades of the fan blades at a slight inclination, wide inside and narrow outside, so as to make it easier to fluctuate the wind, reduce wind pressure, and avoid damage to the fan. .

The larger the area, the greater the force, and the greater the wind pressure on the fan.

After so much introduction, I believe you have a better understanding of industrial large fans. Wind pressure is important for large industrial fans, and you need to pay attention to these when purchasing industrial fans.


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Post time: Jan-11-2023