Efficient And Economical High Temperature Solutions For Die Casting Workshops —-Kale Hvls Industrial Fan

The temperature of the die-casting workshop is above 40°C, and the high-temperature workshop environment is one of the main reasons for the difficulty of recruiting workers in the die-casting factory, and also leads to low work efficiency of workers. For this reason, how to “cool down” the workshop, provide employees with a comfortable working environment, and control costs reasonably, has become an urgent problem for die-casting enterprises.
hvls fans

A KALE industrial ceiling fan covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters, and the human body temperature can drop by 5-8°C in summer. The Kale industrial ceiling fan is not only a powerful tool for ventilation and cooling in tall spaces, but also a good helper for economy and energy saving, which can eliminate the traditional wall hanging It can also be used in conjunction with air conditioners, and can even replace air conditioners under certain conditions.

Compared with traditional small wall-mounted industrial fans, the coverage area of a Kale fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters is approximately equal to the coverage area of 50 traditional small fans of 0.75 meters. Taking a 10,000-square-meter factory building to achieve full coverage as an example, 300 small fans are needed, while only 10 Kale fans are needed. Calculated by using 8 months a year and 10 hours a day, the Kale hvls fan can save 92% energy.

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Post time: Oct-24-2022