Hand Push Portable Fan for Pakistan Fitness Center

KALE FANS Series Airmove High Volume Low Speed Portable Fan for Fitness Center

Last week, our Pakistani customer received KALE FANS ventilation fan for fitness center.

As we all know, hvls fan means high volume low speed fan, typical applications for HVLS fans fall into two classifications—industrial and commercial. 

Our airmove portable fans can be used in industrial factories, workshops and warehouses, it can also be used in commercial place such as schools, gymnasiums and fitness center.

Taking into account the lack of indoor space, insufficient installation conditions, cost budgeting, flexible mobility and other factor , our airmove can provide the perfect ventilation and cooling solutions.

KALE Airmove series portable fan is a specially designed HVLS fan with four casters installed at the bottom for easy movement. This fan is very popular in the gym industry.

Usually only one or two fans could provide ventilation to the entire training area and create a cool and comfortable exercise environment for people.

KALE FANS Airmove Portable Fan

It is perfectly used in large & high place for dramatical ventilation and personnel cooling.

Features of the airmove are as below:
1. Low power consumption
2. PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) brushless motor, totally free of maintenance
3. High quality magnalium aerometal material
4. Incredibly large area coverage per fan
5. Stepless speed adjusting gear, switch freely for airflow
6. Super quiet

If you and your friends who need industrial and commercial ventilation fan, please feel free to contact us. 

KALE FANS Airmove hand push portable fan with casters will provide you the perfect ventilation and cooling solutions.

Post time: Dec-07-2021