How To Judge Which Industrial Fan Is Safer?

1. When the large industrial ceiling fan is running, adjust it to low gear, medium gear, and high gear in turn, and check whether the motor head and the whole machine part vibrate when the fan is running in different gears.

2. Adjust the large hvls fan to high-speed rotation, and observe whether the left and right swing heads have intermittent pauses and whether the swing heads are not in place.

3. When the large industrial hvls fan rotates at high speed for a long time, the front casing of the large industrial fan motor is sensed by hand or other measuring instruments. If it is very hot, it proves that the cooling performance of the large industrial fan is not good.

4. Check whether the rotational speed, power, air volume and noise of the large industrial hvls fan are proportional, because the higher the rotational speed of the industrial fan, the greater the power, the greater the air volume, and the greater the noise, so it can be proved that the local ventilation of the fan The effect of cooling and ventilation will be better.
In addition, when using an big industrial fan, it is found that the installation of the large industrial fan is loose, displaced, and the shell is electrified. The fan should be turned off immediately and reported for repair. In case of danger of personal electric shock, turn off the power switch immediately, rescue the person who has been electrocuted, and protect the accident scene.

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Post time: Nov-14-2022