Hvls Fan—A Good Helper In The Supermarket

A good helper in the supermarket

In addition to helping the space cool down, industrial large fans still play a role in winter—ventilation and dehumidification, helping large supermarkets solve food storage problems.

The factors of food spoilage are often very complicated, and improper storage is one of the important factors leading to food spoilage. The role of food storage is not only to store food, but more importantly, to prevent it from spoilage and ensure food quality. Food storage warehouses need good ventilation to maintain a relatively constant temperature in the warehouse. The daily replenishment of large-scale supermarkets is very frequent, and customers have a large demand for purchases. Supermarkets will store a large amount of food and goods in the warehouse. With a large amount of food storage, the warehouse space becomes crowded and narrow, with poor ventilation and dirty air. Heat or repeated changes in temperature can cause food to spoil.

Kale Hvls Fan

Kale industrial large fan is a high-volume, low-speed fan. A 7.3-meter-diameter industrial fan can cover a ground area with a radius of 22 meters. The air flow in the sultry environment discharges the turbid and hot air in the warehouse, and maintains a good and suitable food storage and ventilation environment. Non-perishable foods such as grain, edible oil, condiments, candies, and bottled beverages stored in warehouses of large supermarkets often need to be stored at room temperature. The basic requirements for room temperature storage are: the storage place is clean and hygienic: the storage place is sunny and Dry, avoid high temperature and tide temperature. When there is a lot of rain, the weather is humid, and the ground and goods are very easy to be damp. The air flowed by industrial large fans passes over the surface of the food, taking away the humid air gathered on the surface of the food, and strengthening the indoor environment. Improve the efficiency of external air exchange, drive out the moisture in the air, and protect the food stored in the warehouse from moisture. At the same time, the industrial area fan can keep the ground dry to ensure the safety of personnel walking and food and cargo transportation.

Post time: Nov-28-2022