Hvls Fans For Fitness Center


Many fitness facilities are located in relatively closed spaces. The natural ventilation in the venue is limited by the environment. In addition, the large flow of people in the venue, coupled with the continuous exercise intensity, and the accumulation of microorganisms such as sweat, lead to turbid and dull indoor air. Fitness itself is for better health, and aerobic fresh air is far more important than fitness itself. In particular, gymnasiums must do a good job of air circulation and environmental ventilation and cooling.

HVLS fans can achieve orderly air circulation and continuous circulation in the gym, and many sports venues have begun to install and use them. The large-area breeze not only makes people feel cool and comfortable, but also continuously stirs the air circulation, making the air in this environment clean, refreshing, comfortable and pleasant.

The coverage rate of a single Kale fans large fan can reach thousands of square meters. The large-area breeze system stirs the indoor air to form a wind speed, producing a natural wind effect of level 1-3, creating a soft and comfortable ventilation and cooling experience in tall spaces. Improve indoor air dull, turbid air has a significant effect. 

Industrial large fans can push a large amount of air, not only keeping the air in the gym clean, oxygen-rich and healthy, but also allowing exercisers to truly achieve the purpose of physical exercise and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases. It also maintains the basic way humans maintain a comfortable body temperature. Through a process called evaporative cooling, the evaporation of moisture (sweat) from the skin cools the body and prevents it from overheating. Healthy, comfortable body cooling.

The installation of ventilation and cooling equipment in commercial places not only needs to pay attention to the effect, but also needs to ensure the aesthetics of the interior. Industrial large fans do not occupy the indoor area, and while achieving the effect of use, they also meet the aesthetic requirements of the place.

Kale Airfree series industrial hvls wall mounted fans .The total height is 2m, and the air can be oriented according to site requirements. The fan blades are driven by PMSM with large output. In the hot summer, the Airfree series can bring a cooling effect equivalent to more than 20 sets of small fans, which can be applied to most complex environments. It has 2 kinds of installation method: ceiling and wall mounting.

We also have Large industrial ceiling fan and large portable fan series for you to choose. Contact Kale Fans to get your perfect ventilation solution.


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Post time: Dec-19-2022