Industrial Ceiling Fans Or Air Conditioners?

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Industrial Ceiling Fan

Industrial fan is a common industrial machine widely used in high and large spaces such as industrial plants, logistics storage, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, supermarkets, etc., as a space ventilation and personnel cooling. The industrial fan can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, forming a horizontal movement of the airflow layer at a certain height on the ground, thus promoting the overall air circulation. The benefits of this lie in the all-round ground coverage and the three-dimensional circulation of the air. The maximum diameter of large industrial fans can reach 7.3 meters! The streamlined fan blades manufactured by aerodynamic principles and advanced technology can drive a large amount of air with only 1.5KW, generating a large-area natural breeze system, which plays a role in ventilation and Dual function of cooling.

Compared with traditional HVAC and small high-speed fans, it has unparalleled application advantages, and it can be called a perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in large spaces.

As a general rule, every degree of temperature increase of the air conditioner can save 3% to 6% of the cooling cost. Also, in any building, the temperature varies from place to place - cooler at the vents and warmer where there is limited air-conditioning ventilation. Ceiling fans mix the air together to create a perfectly homogeneous state

In the air-conditioned space, no one temperature is the ideal choice for everyone. The management personnel must formulate temperature control rules to satisfy the majority of people. But even so, there are always buying when the temperature is high and the temperature is low. With large ceiling fans, employees You can adjust the speed of the ceiling fan to achieve the cooling effect you want, so that there is no energy consumption and solve the problem. Whether you have air conditioning or not, the air movement of a ceiling fan improves the body's natural cooling mechanism, keeping you happy, safe and productive.

In spring and autumn, when the temperature is 20-34°C, it is very embarrassing for shopping malls and supermarkets to turn on or not to turn on the air conditioner. With the application of energy-saving large fans, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner, and you can immediately enjoy the feeling of natural ventilation and cooling, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. When the air conditioner unit is turned on for heating or cooling, the energy consumption of the air conditioner unit is very large. If the energy-saving fan is combined with the air conditioner, the indoor air can be fully mixed evenly, reducing the start-up time of the air conditioner unit or turning off part of the air conditioner unit, saving 35% of the annual air conditioner.

Post time: Feb-13-2023