Industrial Energy-Saving Large Fan Technology Innovation

We recommend Kale Fans PMSM high volume low speed ceiling fan,

1. High power index, high efficiency, and maintain high efficiency in the entire operating speed range; the whole machine has a good energy-saving effect. The asynchronous motor has low power index, low power factor, and low efficiency, and the efficiency is high only near the rated speed, and the efficiency is low at other speeds. And due to the presence of the reducer, the overall fan is small and low.

2. High power density and small size. The structure is simple, there is no gear box, no oil leakage, and maintenance-free.

3. Long service life and high reliability;

4. Good speed regulation performance, high precision; stable operation.

5. The moment of inertia is small, the starting torque is large, the current is small, and the response speed is fast.

6. Low noise, even ultra-quiet. No effect on ambient noise.


Technology is developing and the times are advancing. Consumers are exposed to more and more emerging technologies, and simple functions are no longer able to meet the needs of consumers. As far as the current development trend of fan technology is concerned, industrial energy-saving large fans are also undergoing changes with the expansion of the industrial field. According to the research and market research on fans, we know that the future technological innovation of the industrial energy-saving large fan industry has the following characteristics:

1. Efficiency

7.3 Large-diameter fan blades can strongly agitate the airflow, effectively promote air circulation, ventilate and dissipate heat, and reduce the body temperature by 3~5°C. Increase work efficiency. 

2. Lightweight

Increasing the speed is also one of the important ways to miniaturize industrial energy-saving large fans. Kale industrial large fan manufacturers have launched industrial energy-saving large fans of different specifications, including 7.3m large industrial fans, 6.7m commercial large fans, 6.1m large factory ceiling fans, etc. The smaller the diameter of the fan, the higher the speed and the greater the air volume. Of course, the corresponding coverage area will also become smaller.

3. Maintenance-free

Industrial energy-saving large fans adopt industrial geared motors, inner rotor permanent magnet motors, and outer rotor permanent magnet motors, which have been tested and verified in severe environments, and are maintenance-free for long-term use.

The above content is the technical innovation of industrial energy-saving large fans. Industrial energy-saving large fans are suitable for places with large spaces such as basketball stadiums, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, large supermarkets, and factory workshops. This kind of equipment not only has good effects but also has obvious energy-saving effects. In the era of advocating energy saving and emission reduction, high-quality industrial energy-saving large fans will gradually approach the tall spaces of all walks of life to improve environmental ventilation and cooling.


Post time: Jan-30-2023