Industrial Large Fan Helps The Cooling And Ventilation Of The Basketball Hall

HVLS industrial large fan is a cooling ventilation device specially designed for large industrial spaces. It can push a large amount of circulating airflow that simulates natural wind. It has good application effect, low cost and wide coverage in tall and large spaces.
With the progress and development of society, more and more parents and children pay more attention to sports. The basketball hall mainly cultivates children's love for sports and a training for body balance. It can help children improve their teamwork ability in group activities, good psychological quality, and tenacious character. It is beneficial to the physical and mental development of young children. exercise.
To cope with the uncertainty of outdoor weather, indoor basketball courts are becoming more and more common. Because indoor basketball sports consume a lot of physical energy and sweat a lot. It is difficult for many basketball halls to choose indoor cooling and ventilation equipment for a while. Although the cooling effect of the air conditioner is good, due to the high space of the basketball hall, and after sweating during exercise, the fluctuating cold and hot can easily lead to colds and other situations. So proper cooling and ventilation equipment is particularly important.
For Kale industrial large fans, every connecting part must have secondary safety protection. In public spaces, safety comes first. Kale industrial large fans have twelve safety protections, which have been verified by years of use to effectively guarantee the safety of users. Kale Hvls fans with high torque and large air volume, suitable for various commercial and industrial occasions. Meet the challenge even in harsh environments.

The Eurus III series is a new type of large air volume fan based on PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology and the maximum diameter is 7.3 meters. The maximum torque reaches 300N.m, and the full-load air volume reaches 14800m³/min, which exceeds the air volume of conventional products by more than 30%. It can promote the circulation of space airflow at higher efficiency, achieve the purpose of cooling personnel, and improve environmental comfort.

Energy saving effect compared with small fan
The area covered by a 7.3m diameter EURUS III is approximately equal to the coverage area of 50 units of small 0.75m fans. For example, in a 9000-square-meter factory, it is hoped to achieve full coverage. A small fan needs about 300 units, while a EURUSIII industrial energy-saving fan only needs 6 units. According to the use of 4 years, 8 months per year, 10 hours per day, about 10,000 hours of total operation, EURUSIII consumes 90000kW·h, small fan 1080000kW·h, energy saving 990000 kW·h, energy saving 92%!

It can save more than 50% when working with air conditioners
In the spring and autumn, the temperature is usually between 20-34 °C. For air-conditioned places, it will be very embarrassing to keep the air conditioner on or off in such a weather. After applying the energy-saving fan, you do not need to turn on the air conditioner. Come to the comfortable natural ventilation to cool down, the energy saving effect is very significant. When the air conditioning unit is turned on or cooled, the energy consumption of the air conditioning unit is very high. If an energy-saving fan is used, the result is completely different---the industrial energy-saving fan and the air conditioner can fully mix the indoor air evenly. It can reduce the startup time of the air conditioning unit or turn off some air conditioning units, which will greatly save power.

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Post time: Dec-26-2022