Large Industrial Ceiling Fan For Restaurant

Common problems in restaurant cooling

1. The restaurant has a very large flow of people during meal time every day, so it cannot be completely closed; many grilled fish restaurants and hot pot restaurants will generate a lot of heat due to the need to heat and cook, causing the temperature inside the restaurant to be too high and stuffy.

2. The indoor stuffiness seriously affects the dining environment of the restaurant, affects the experience of the guests, and finally leads to the decline of the restaurant’s business.

3. Generally, grilled fish restaurants and hot pot restaurants are semi-open environments, which are not suitable for using traditional air conditioners. The cost is too high and the effect is not good. Using a small fan is not beautiful.

Features of the catering industry:

Intensive population, high demand for air oxygen content;

Meal dishes, drinks, etc. are volatilized inside the dining environment;

For customers, the dining environment and the taste of the dishes are equally important;

The locations of restaurants are usually distributed in places with a large flow of people, and the indoor space is very expensive. It is required that the refrigeration equipment should not occupy the indoor floor as much as possible.

The main reasons and effects of high temperature and poor air circulation in restaurants

Generally, when dining, the density of people is high, the heat generated by the food is large, the temperature in the restaurant rises rapidly, and the indoor air is not circulated. If the management personnel do not use some cooling equipment to cool down. When eating, it is easy to make people feel depressed and affect appetite, and the eating time is relatively short, so the traditional air conditioner is not practical. Because the traditional air conditioner requires a certain amount of time to lower the temperature, and the meal has been completed within this time. By the time the temperature had dropped, the personnel had already left the cafeteria.

Ventilation and cooling scheme for catering industry

Install large industrial fans for ventilation and cooling.

Using industrial large fans or mobile large fans to ventilate the catering industry not only reduces power consumption, saves costs, but also reduces temperature and improves the dining environment. However, compared with industrial large fans and mobile large fans, industrial large fans have more advantages Safety, and does not occupy ground space.

Restaurants are usually divided into two types: steel structure and brick-concrete structure, with a large space. Choose to hang and install industrial large ceiling fans under the roof of the restaurant to provide strong ventilation and comfortable wind speed to make diners and staff feel more comfortable. At the same time, when the kale large ceiling fan is used with the air conditioner, the set temperature of the air conditioner can be appropriately increased by 1~3°C. In addition to achieving a better experience, it also saves electricity for the air conditioner and saves part of the electricity bill.

Post time: Dec-21-2022