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On July 20, Henan suffered extremely heavy rainfall, causing heavy casualties and property losses to many cities. The disaster caused the suspension of subway operations and severely affected the transportation of railways, highways, and civil aviation.  Kale Environment pays attention to the disaster in Henan. Chairman Lu Xiaobo attaches great importance to it and arranges the donation work for Henan.  On July 23, led by the person in charge of Kale Environment Henan, two transport trucks carrying 2000 boxes of living supplies took the mission of all Kale people to overcome various difficulties and came to the Jiaozuo City. The masses sent relief supplies.

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On July 24, Typhoon "Fireworks" made a strong landing along the coast of Zhejiang. The Zhejiang Provincial Prevention and Control Command upgraded the typhoon emergency response to level I. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Observatory, the typhoon has a long impact and accumulated rainfall. Extreme precipitation may occur in some areas, and the risk of secondary disasters such as mountain torrents, mudslides and urban is extremely high.

The Haining Emergency Management Bureau promptly initiated the Level I response to the disaster. The Jianshan Management Committee of Haining established a temporary shelter in Jianshan Science and Technology Park to provide emergency shelters for workers in temporary sheds under construction in the city, low-lying village and town personnel, and elderly people living alone. . However, the temporary place is simple and has no ventilation and cooling facilities, and the interior is humid and hot. After Kale learned about the relevant situation,we immediately donated fans to the Administrative Committee of Jianshan New District, Haining City.

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Kale transported 6 sets Airmove fans to the refuge area in Jianshan District at the fastest speed. Kale fans improved the sultry environment of the refuge, and accompanied the evacuees to resist the typhoon together! "In the face of natural disasters, companies can do very little, but all of us at Kale are willing to protect our homes with our meager efforts.

Post time: Sep-16-2021