The Function Of HVLS Ceiling Fans

1 Personnel Cooling
The natural breeze generated by the large hvls ceiling fans is carried on the human body, which promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, and cools the human body, bringing a cooling feeling. Usually, this cooling sensation can reach 5-8°C. The three-dimensional natural wind of the hvls fan is more comfortable, There is 2 reasons,on the one hand, the three-dimensional blowing and carrying of the human body maximizes the evaporation area of the human body; on the other hand, once there is a natural breeze with changing wind speed, the human body will naturally feel extremely comfortable and cool.

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2 Space Ventilation
In the past ventilation schemes, people often according to the number of air changes in the space to decide which products and quantities to use. This effect is very noticeable in small spaces. However, in a tall and wide enclosed space, the effect of this kind of ventilation is not obvious: the smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide and air of poor quality with a relatively large proportion are still concentrated at the bottom of the building, and the negative pressure fan on the roof can affect every corner of the building. The air on it didn’t work at all, and the personnel and equipment were just there. Using large hvls ceilng fans can achieve the function of natural ventilation, which is very good for promoting air circulation.

3 Dehumidification
The hvls fans can promote the air mixing in the whole space, play a certain role in dehumidification , and also avoid the noise and moisture caused by other ventilation schemes.

Post time: Sep-26-2022