What are the advantages of HVLS fans?

HVLS (high volume low speed) fan is a type of mechanical fan greater than 7 feet (2.1m) in diameter.

HVLS fans are generally ceiling fans although some are pole mounted. HVLS fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed– hence the name “high volume, low speed.”

HVLS fans are the most energy efficient climate control solution. They adopt minimal energy to deliver airflow, which reduces both heating and cooling costs. HVLS fans also distribute air so well they supplement and even exceed HVAC ducting.

HVLS fans are an effective solution to your ventilation and air quality pitfalls. They will lower your high heating and cooling bills, decrease your energy usage, create a comfortable environment for your employees increasing their productivity levels, and fulfill the need for better ventilation.

Here are the benefits of HVLS fans:

1. Comfort and energy saving
HVLS fans rely on large fan blades and low speed to quietly and effectively move air throughout a facility. HVLS fans could improve air circulation and protect employee health. HVLS fans can effectively keep people cool indoors, so using HVLS fans can reduce the need for air conditioning.

2. Increase productivity and provide safer working conditions
Uncomfortably high temperatures in buildings can make many workers less productive.
HVLS fans are ceiling mounted in your facility, meaning no more large, bulky warehouse fans and trip hazards from long wires. Best of all, your employees won’t need to worry about where to put or how to work around fans while they work, and your employees will be free to move around in a safer environment.

3. Wide range of applications, benefiting many industries
HVLS fans can add value and comfort to most industries. In agricultural applications, HVLS fans prevent bugs and odors; in warehouse or factory environments, HVLS fans can improve employee comfort and productivity, reducing condensation and equipment rust; in food and beverage manufacturing facilities, HVLS fans can prevent food spoilage and provide critical temperature control. HVLS fans are widely used in various industries, which is why HVLS fans have attracted much attention and popularity.

Does your facility have ventilation and safety issues? In many cases, HVLS fans may be the solution you are looking for. Contact KALE FANS for more information and applications about HVLS fans!

Post time: Mar-16-2022