What is hvls portable floor fan?

Kale fans airmove series hvls portable floor fan is a very popular product. The high volume low speed hvls portable floor fan is designed to accelerate the flow of air in your facility, effectively achieve cooling of the space, and significantly improve the work efficiency of workers.

The Airmove hvls portable floor fan has a cute appearance. For many customers, it is not only practical and reliable, but also a work of art. No matter where it is placed, it can be integrated with the surrounding environment, making people eye-catching. 

Airmove hvls portable floor fans’ ability to transform indoor building environments can help people feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter, helping businesses reduce energy consumption and save costs.

Kale fans airmove series portable HVLS industrial floor fans are directly driven by permanent magnet synchronous motors, with large air volume output and long air supply distance. Airmove is manufactured with steel structure to ensure its reliable quality and long life time, and the fan base is equipped with omni-directional wheel to move it anywhere, ideal for places where you can’t hang the fan from the ceiling or mount it on the wall.

Before each shipment, we will carefully conduct quality tests and process inspections to ensure that the products are in good condition. Airmove hvls portable floor fan is easy to assembly and use, it can help solve airflow problems and increase productivity by reducing the effective temperature of warehouse work environments.

Airmove HVLS Portable Floor Fan

Kale Fans HVLS Industrial Portable Floor Fans Features:

Permanent magnet synchronous motor drive

Low noise and energy saving

Large torque, large air volume

Long-distance air volume coveragReliable and practical

Long service life of 15 years

Widely used in various places

Model Size Air volume Max Speed Fan Weight Power Full load current
SHVLS-Y6BAA20 2181X2051X722mm 1208m³/min 320RPM 176kg 0.55kw 2.7Amps/220V
SHVLS-Y6BAA16 1881X1744X722mm 723m³/min 360rpm 152kg 0.36kw 2.0Amps/220V

Kale fans series airmove hvls portable fans are widely used in factory, warehouse, fitness center, gym, sports training hall, exhibition hall, museum, restaurant, villa and outdoor activities.

Our hvls portable floor fans can be used anywhere for cooling and ventilation, just contact us to get more information and details here.

Post time: Jul-08-2022