What is PMSM?

The full name of PMSM is: permanent magnet synchronous motor. It refers to a synchronous motor whose rotor uses permanent magnets instead of winding wires in Hvls fan

What are the advantages of PMSM?

(1) High efficiency: After the permanent magnet material is embedded in the rotor, the rotor and the stator magnetic field run synchronously during normal operation. There is no induced current in the rotor winding, and there is no rotor resistance and hysteresis loss, which improves the efficiency of the motor.

(2) High power factor: There is no induction current excitation in the PMSM rotor, and the stator winding presents a resistive load. The power factor of the motor is close to 1, which reduces the stator current and improves the efficiency of the motor. At the same time, the improvement of power factor improves the quality factor of the power grid, reduces the loss of power transmission and transformation lines, reduces the capacity of power transmission and transformation, and saves investment in the power grid.

(3) Large starting torque: In equipment that requires large starting torque (such as oil field pumping motors), permanent magnet motors with smaller capacity can be used to replace Y series motors with larger capacity. If the 37KW permanent magnet synchronous motor replaces the 45KW ~ 55KW series motor, the phenomenon of “big horses and small carts” can be better solved, equipment investment costs can be saved, and the operating efficiency of the system can be improved.

(4) Low temperature rise: There is no resistance loss in the rotor winding, and there is almost no reactive current in the stator winding, so the temperature rise of the motor is low.

(5) Low noise.

Take EURUS III series industrial ceiling fan as an example, its maximum torque reaches 300N·m, and its full-load air volume reaches 14,800m³/min, exceeding the air volume of conventional products by more than 30%. It can promote the circulation of airflow in the space with higher efficiency, achieve the purpose of cooling down the personnel, and improve the comfort of the environment.

Post time: Nov-23-2022