Where Is The Large Industrial Ceiling Fan Suitable For Installation?

HVLS industrial fan airfoils are much longer (anywhere from 8 feet to 24 feet in diameter, the maximum fan blade is 7.3m). Where is such a huge fan suitable for installation? The building height is more than 3.5 meters, whether it is H-beams structure, beams structure, the ball bar structure, concrete structure, spherical grid structure or complex structure, large industrial fans can be installed.

The application of large industrial fans include super-large workshops, such as machining, automobile manufacturing, aircraft assembly, shipbuilding and other tall workshops, which can improve ventilation efficiency and cool down personnel. Large-scale logistics warehouses and distribution centers can improve air quality, dehumidify and cool down, effectively prevent storage from rusting and rotting, and at the same time significantly improve the working environment.


hvls fans for factory
large outdoor ceiling fan

Public buildings such as shopping malls, gymnasiums, railway stations, airports and other places with a large flow of people can promote air circulation, dispel odors, and create a comfortable public environment. Outdoor crowded places, such as urban construction sites, can provide a cooler working environment for outdoor workers; such as outdoor dining places, can bring consumers a more comfortable dining experience.

Kale fan is a manufacturer specializing in large-scale space cooling solutions.  The Eurus III series is a new type of fan based on PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor technology developed by Kale fans. The traditional motor noise standard However, the Eurus III series uses PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor to solve these problems and reduce the fan noise to 38.7dB.  Any questions about industrial hvls fans? Contact the experts at Kale Fans today!


Post time: Nov-21-2022