Why HVLS fans are better choice?

As the weather gradually warm, the production environment of many factories is also more stuffy, so ventilation and cooling are particularly important. Among the various ventilation and cooling equipment on the market, there are not a few equipment for large factories or high space workshops. For consumers , the effect is significant and affordable equipment is practical.

When it comes to ventilation and cooling in large factories, most people’s first choice is fans, which is the most direct way to cool down. However, too small fans can not solve the problem of heat dissipation in large space for the site. Big fans are becoming more and more popular!  In a variety of environments——from farms to retail, from warehouses and industrial spaces to theaters and restaurants——large HVLS fans are becoming more common.  There are several reasons why a large fan is a better choice.

Energy saving is a major benefit of large industrial and commercial fans

Anyone who knows or uses industrial fans will admit to a fact: energy saving is the main advantage of industrial fans, whether you want to save money or to achieve cooling of large spaces, you have to admit that large fans save energy is a fact.

HVLS fans improve productivity
Studies show that when employees are comfortable or happy, they are more productive and less likely to make mistakes on the job.

HVLS fans can improve workplace comfort in a number of ways, they can be used to:

  • Reduce dryness and heat, reduce humidity
  • Improve ventilation for fresher and healthier air
  • Reduce disease and increase employee health
  • Eliminate mold and increase the dryness of items
  • Cool down in summer and save energy in winter

Low power consumption, high air volume

Kale fans focus on hvls fans for 12+years, the fan with large volume and low speed runs smoothly andcan bring three-dimensional air volume. The energy saving industrial hvls fan adopts KALE Airfoil Blades™design to effectively improve the downward air supply capacity and minimize ineffective drag, facilitating the efficient conversion of electrical energy into air kinetic energy, ensuring gentle and strong wind at low fan speeds. Compared with air conditioners and traditional fans, Kale fans large hvls fans have very low power consumption, which can help enterprises save energy and costs.

Low noise and looks cool

Due to the low speed, HVLS fans are very quiet when running, even if the fan is only 50dB of noise when running at high speed, it is very quiet. In addition, Kale hvls fans can customize the color and logo according to the specific needs of users, which can be applied to different installation scenarios. According to the feedback cases from customers, every installation and delivery of hvls fans is a work of art, which looks very perfect and cool.

This is just a small part of why kale fans (hvls fans) are better choice, for more information please contact us.

Post time: Jun-22-2022