Why Kale fans are good for furniture factories to improve air quality?

Where there is a lot of dust, there are often a large number of microorganisms attached to the dust. These microorganisms follow the breath and enter the lungs with the dust. Once it enters the lungs, it can cause an immune response in human tissues, producing a large number of antibodies to fight against these dust and microorganisms. This will lead to a decline in the body’s immune function for a long time.

Furniture factory is a dust-intensive place. Dust, formaldehyde and noise always plagued the furniture industry for a long time. Working in such an environment may be prone to respiratory illnesses, and at the same time be contrary to the value of a green factory that companies seek. So which way can solve the dust and formaldehyde?

Some manufacturers say why not to use floor fans, because this kind of fan is low in cost and easy to move. Isn’t it more conducive to enterprises to save costs and increase profits?

Industrial HVLS Fans

Listen to the answer of Kale Fans: In the early days, most furniture factories installed traditional floor fans, so they needed to pull wires on the ground to connect to electricity. However, the ground cable is not only unsafe, but also prone to short-circuiting of wires. If you encounter hot and dry weather, once sparks are caused, it may also cause a fire in the plant. In addition, the air volume of traditional floor fans is small, and the wind transmission distance is short, the overall effect is not good, and it cannot cover the entire factory space. However, the energy-saving ceiling fan with a maximum diameter of 7.3 meters of the Kale fans industrial energy-saving large fan can perfectly solve the various problems existing in the factory.

The Kale fans can drive the airflow down to the ground through the fan blades and then spread around, forming an airflow of about 3 meters in a limited space, so it can bring natural wind that exceeds the coverage area of the fan itself, and increase the efficiency of internal and external ventilation. , reduce the exhaust gas and dust generated on the job site, accelerate the air flow in the dead corner of the factory building, realize the all-round ventilation of the factory building, and improve the working environment of employees.

Post time: Apr-20-2022