Logistics and warehousing

Logistics and warehousing


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Industry challenges

1. The lack of air circulation inside the warehouse building, the heat gathering is not easy to disperse, the indoor temperature in summer can reach 38-40 ℃, the staff work efficiency low.

2. Traditional cooling methods do not effectively improve the comfort of employees; the installation of traditional air conditioning operating costs are too high.

3. Rainy season, the warehouse humidity is too high, easy to breed bacteria, a large number of products mold, resulting in a decline in the quality of inventory products.

4. More handling equipment in the warehouse, such as forklifts, automated robots, etc., more ground cooling equipment wires, prone to safety accidents.

5. The warehouse has a larger cooling area, which means that the larger cooling system takes up more space and more energy, and the great energy consumption seriously increases the cost of enterprises.

Why choose hvls fan

1. Natural cooling

Kale fans large industrial ceiling fans quiet operation can be in the coverage of the staff to continue to feel the natural wind effect, so that people feel the cooling effect of 5-6 ° C, effectively improving the operating environment and providing work efficiency.

2. Dehumidification and anti-mold

Large industrial ceiling fan huge amount of flowing air swept over the surface of the object, taking away the humid air gathered on the surface of the object, strengthening the efficiency of indoor and outdoor air exchange, driving away the moisture in the air, protecting the inventory of materials or items from moisture.

3. Inhibit condensation

Industrial ceiling fan accelerates airflow, expels the moisture in the workshop to the outside, and changes the new air indoors, thus reducing the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, and reducing the condensation of air on the ground or metal surface.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

An industrial ceiling fan per hour energy consumption of only 0.8kw, whether as a separate ventilation and cooling tool; or with other refrigeration, HVAC equipment, a short period of time to quickly balance the airflow and promote the efficiency of refrigeration and heating, can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Recommend products

Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan

Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan is easy-to-install design makes it good for factories, warehouses, and workshops. The Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan is great for use in commercial spaces such as gyms, fitness centers and convention centers. Get the Airfree Industrial Wall Mounted Fan and experience the best cooling solution for your industrial or commercial space. Order yours today and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment.



Air volume

Max speed

Fan weight


Full load current

Noise level

Protection level










Airmove HVLS Commercial Moveable Fan

The Airmove II HVLS mobile fan is a highly recommended cooling solution for individuals and businesses seeking an innovative and efficient option. Equipped with an energy storage feature and PMSM permanent magnet motor platform, this fan can significantly enhance both your comfort and environmental impact. The Airmove II is ideal for commercial and public spaces, including logistics spaces, fitness stadiums, bars, and restaurants, and it provides a natural and comfortable cooling experience.

Product model


Product dimensions (WxHxD)

1736mm x 1837mm x 756 mm

Maximum speed


Wind speed range

0-50m (wind speed 4.0m/s-0.9m/s)

Full load air volume

1051 m³/min



Standard cycle life

After 1500 cycles, the battery pack capacity is greater than 85%


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