Typical places

Manufacturing, Vehicle assembly   | Processing factory   | Hardware mold factory   | Packaging and printing factory   | Furniture manufacturing factory   | Electric appliance factory   | Clothing and textile factory   | Food factory   | Pharmaceutical workshop

Industry characteristics

1. The factory building span is large, high space, traditional cooling equipment can not effectively cover the entire workshop.

2. In summer, it is hot and muggy, and employees are easily fatigued and work efficiency is reduced when they work in high temperature environment.

3. Working in the high temperature plant environment will lead to disorder of body temperature regulation, easy to sweat, dehydration, and easily cause hypoxia and occupational heat stroke.

4. The production workshop produces continuous emission of odors, harmful gases, dust, etc., and the plant ventilation is poor and cannot be discharged in time, which affects the health of the staff and increases the separation rate.

5. There are many personnel and equipment with large flow nature, which is a safety hazard.

6. The production equipment in the factory generates a lot of heat, the environment is dry and hot, and the equipment often breaks down due to high temperature, which affects the production efficiency.

7. The relative humidity is not easy to control, resulting in equipment, products mold, moth breeding, affecting the life of equipment and product safety.

8. Poor sealing, common ventilation and cooling system is not ideal, high energy consumption.

Why Choose Hvls Fan

1. Super large coverage area

A 7.3m diameter industrial ceiling fan can cover a ground area with a radius of 22m, and the airflow can spread to an area of 1500 square meters.

2. Ventilation and cooling

The large industrial fan's slow rotation will drive the airflow within the stuffy environment, so that the natural exchange of indoor and outdoor air, huge, soothing airflow in the flow over the skin surface, take away the heat gathered on the body surface and blow through the sweat, so that the high-temperature environment down 5 ℃ -9 ℃, it is a high space investment and operating costs of energy-saving solutions.

3. Airflow circulation

The large airflow circulation brought by the huge air volume of the industrial fan can make the air exchange efficiency in the workshop as high as once per minute, easily discharging the indoor dust, toxic gas, and odor from outside quickly, forming negative pressure in the whole space, and the fresh air from outside enters the room incessantly, forming an imitation ecological circulation effect to keep the indoor air fresh.

4. No hidden danger of safety, do not occupy the ground space

The industrial ceiling fan is installed in a high place in the plant by lifting, more than 5 meters from the ground, effectively avoiding the danger caused by the collision of floor-type industrial fans when people and vehicles flow.

5. Dehumidification and anti-mold

Industrial ceiling fan in the row of heat and increase air circulation at the same time, accelerate airflow, strengthen the efficiency of indoor and outdoor air exchange, the moisture in the workshop out outdoors, into the new air into the indoor, so that the air in the workshop dries and clean.

6. Energy saving

An industrial ceiling fan per hour energy consumption of only 0.8kw, whether as a separate ventilation and cooling tools; or with other refrigeration, HVAC equipment, a short period of time to quickly balance the airflow and promote the efficiency of refrigeration and heating, can greatly reduce energy consumption.

Recommend products

Eurus II 4.9m Large Blade Ceiling Fans

Eurus II large blade ceiling fans  with a diameter up to 4.9M. Kale Airfoil Blades, which are streamlined, are developed with the advanced technologies and the principle of aerodynamics.



Air volume

Max speed

Fan weight


Full load current

Noise level







5.7Amps/220V 3.5Amps/380V








5.7Amps/220V 3.5Amps/380V








4.2Amps/220V 2.4Amps/380V



KALE BOREAS II series is a 5-blade smart selection product equipped with a traditional geared motor. BOREAS II applies the principle of aerodynamics and advanced technology to manufacture the Kale Airfoil Blades™ fan blades.

Model Size Air volume Max speed Fan weight Power Full load current Noise level
HVLS-D4BAA73 24ft(7.3m) 12100m³/min 60RPM 110kg 1.5Kw 3.2Amps/220V <40.0dB(A)
HVLS-D4BAA61 20ft(6.1m) 11200m³/min 70RPM 97kg 1.5Kw 2.5Amps/220V <40.0dB(A)
HVLS-D4BAA49 16ft(4.9m) 10300m³/min 70RPM 87kg 1.5Kw 2.5Amps/220V <40.0dB(A)
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